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A unique array of bespoke packaging for Glasgow University!
Glasgow Uni Building

There is a wide range of courses available at Glasgow University, making it one of the UK’s top 100 universities. Since its establishment in 1451, the University has been recognised internationally for its ground-breaking research and has inspired thinkers, including economist Adam Smith and eminent scientist Lord Kelvin. Our relationship with Glasgow University dates back to 2007 and we have created a wide range of products for their gift shop and students. Currently over 30 products have been designed for Glasgow University. We handle all stock control and restocking for Glasgow University in order to ensure continuity of supply and make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Unique Glasgow Uni Group Shot Cotton NWPP Paper and Jute
Unique Glasgow Uni - Flat Paper Bag Duo

Flat Paper Bag


The gift shop at Glasgow University uses flat paper bags for many of the products they offer students and parents. The bag measures 7×9.5 inches and is made from 36gsm brown kraft paper. Both sides feature the company’s blue logo and social media links.  

Potato Starch Bag


One of our favourite bags is the potato starch bag. All of the potato starch used in the bag is recycled. Furthermore, it has a very nice texture and can be used to store most gifts they have in their store. Additionally, it has reinforced handles, making it ideal for carrying heavy items. This bag measures 380×450+75mm.

Unique Glasgow Uni - Potato Starch Carriers Stood Up
Unique Glasgow Uni - HDPE Carriers Stood Up

HDPE Carrier Bag


Another bag that is used in Glasgow Universities gift shop is the HDPE carrier bag. Because this bag an HDPE bag it has a high tensile strength again making ideal for carrying heavier items. The size of the bag is  380×450+75mm this allows for multiple items to fit from the gift shop into the carrier bag.

Jute Carrier Bag


Glasgow University is able to profit even from their own packaging by selling jute carriers to students and parents. In addition to adding tags and barcodes for Glasgow University, the bags are packed in ways that make them look attractive. Once this is complete, the bags are ready for retail. Glasgow Universities’ jute carriers measure 300x220x300mm. 

Unique Glasgow Uni - Jute Carrier Bag
Unique Glasgow Uni - Rope Handle Carrier Bag (Front View)

Blue Kraft Rope Handle

Glasgow University’s Kraft Rope Handle Carriers are primarily used for jewelry or special ornaments that require their own bag. They add a nice touch of premium quality to the product. Kraft bags measure 25+10x30cm and 18+6x17cm and are printed on 185gsm paper. To ensure that the contents of the bag remain inside, you can tighten the top of the bag. These bags were done for the Adam Smith collection, which is printed on one side of these bags.

hot foil white kraft rope handle


Hot foil bags are some of the best bags for the most premium feeling. It adds a metallic look to the bag which helps to bring out the logo or design out. Glasgow university opted to go with a black foil. The bag measures 40+50+20 and is able to be tightened at the top so the contents can be kept safe and secure.

Unique Glasgow Uni - Hot Foil Kraft Bag



Instead of using plastic carrier bags, Glasgow University sells its NWPP carriers to parents and students. This is part of a bag of life that will last them for a long time and help the environment. Glasgow University NWPP carrier bags measure 295+60x410mm and are made of 80gsm, which makes them strong and durable for long-term use.

Natural Cotton Carrier Bags


Glasgow University’s natural cotton bags come in a variety of different designs. These bags tend to be sold to customers, so Glasgow University can make a profit from them. Most of their natural cotton designs are 38 cm x 42 cm in size. Each bag is made with 6oz of natural cotton.

Unique Glasgow Uni - Natural Cotton Group Shot
Unique Glasgow Uni - White Cotton Group Shot

White Cotton Carrier Bags


The white cotton bags have been made for variety of different people associated with Glasgow University. Those being Libby Walker and the Adam Smith Business School. We have done a wide range for both of these clients on behalf of Glasgow University. There bags measure 38x42mm and are made from 8oz white cotton

Coloured Cotton Carrier Bags

On Glasgow University’s gift shop website, you can find these coloured bags. There are seven different colors that are yellow, red, purple, orange, green, pink, and blue. The bags are made of 5oz cotton and are dyed to match the specific colour. They measure 38x42mm. As Glasgow University can sell these bags and make money off their own brand and packaging, these bags also generate money for the university.    


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