Kocktail – Up to 8 Colourful Cocktails in Gorgeous Packaging

Classy mail-order packaging for Kocktail!
Captivating Kocktail Logo
“We wanted bar quality cocktails, made with artisanal ingredients, designed by world-class bartenders, delivered in the post…
We didn’t think that should be too much to ask, so we created Kocktail”

We have been providing packaging for Kocktail for 3 years now. During that time we have designed and created multiple different products, including a gift box that has both Kocktail and shaker in it. We used a 570 micron folding box board which provides a robust exterior.   

Kocktail - Mailing Box & Gift Box Trio

Brown Kraft Paper Tape

Kocktail’s brown kraft tape is used when packing their products into carboard outers in order for them to travel to their customer. the tape measures 48mmx50m and it only uses 1 colour in the design. The brown kraft tape adds a nice touch to each of Kocktail’s outer boxes. The tape is made from paper that can be recycled and is better than using plastic tape. 

Mailing box


This mailing box was our first product for Kocktail. With each new iteration, it has been modified slightly and has become better. There are two different sizes of the boxes, one to hold one cocktail and another to hold four cocktails. Boxes like these are used to mail through a customer’s letter box without causing damage to the contents inside. This style of box is a 0427. This is one of best styles for mailing boxes as it has a double wall on the sides for extra durability and can be run on multiple different types of board. This box was made from E flute material.

Gift Box


This box was designed to hold a cocktail shaker and a cocktail bottle. There is a separate fitment in the box for holding the bottle and shaker snugly. Folding box board with a micron thickness of 570 microns was used for the box to give it a robust quality and to ensure that the product will arrive safely to the customer. The box has a crashlock base and a tuck top. It is best to use a crashlock base when your product is heavy. Boxes with this base are some of the most durable you can find, and work well for Kocktail’s gift pack.  


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