Chatwins – Delicious baked goods in a variety of packing because 1 is never enough.

Chatwins Bakery - Shop Window

In 19 bakery shops and five coffee shops across Nantwich, craft baker Arthur Chatwins has built up a loyal following over its nearly 100-year history. Its high-quality scratch-baked breads, savouries, and cakes are extremely popular with customers. We have been working closely with Chatwins since 2014, to create an iconic brand identity across over 23 different products. In order to ensure continuity of supply and a stress-free experience for Chatwins, ESC handles all stock control and restocking.

Chatwins Bakery - Group Shot


To keep their baked goods hot and secure, Chatwins use stickers to seal their kraft bags. The white sticker is digitally printed with green and grey colours, the sticker measures 40mm in diameter.


The labels that Chatwins use are specially made to indicate what they put in their bags, but also function as seals for their baked goods. This label is used to label their jam donuts. The label measures 46mm by 143mm and consists of three colours.
Chatwins Bakery - Labels
Chatwins Bakery - Napkins




Napkins are a necessity in any bakery. Chatwins’ napkins are branded with their logo. They are printed in one colour on both sides and measure 32×32 cm

Greaseproof Sheets




A food grade factory produces Chatwins greaseproof. The greaseproof sheets are used to protect and insulate baked goods. Each sheet measures 40x40cm, and it is a one-colour print.  

Greaseproof Bags


Greaseproof bags are the most common type of bag found in bakeries. Chatwins greaseproof bags come from a food-grade factory and are used for a variety of baked goods. They come in several different sizes to accommodate the wide selection of baked goods.

sos bags



Chatwins SOS carrier bags are used very frequently for their sandwiches and other bakery goods. There is a round acetate window on the bag so you can see what baked good is inside. The carrier measures 125 x 55 x 240mm, and fits most of Chatwins baking goods.  

Paper Tape Handle Carrier


There are many uses for Chatwins paper tape handled carrier bags. The bag has two sided artwork and design in two colours. In order to provide good structural integrity, the bag is made of 70gsm paper. Most of Chatwin’s baked goods fit into the bag which measures 180+90x220mm.

HD Vest Carrier Bag

The vest carrier bag is suitable for any baked goods made by Chatwins. The bag is printed on both sides in two colours. HD vest carriers have very good tensile strength, making them suitable for carrying heavy items.


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