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The Historic Environment Scotland is Scotland’s leading public body which conducts research, cares for and promotes Scotland’s historic environment. They are a not-for-profit organization with charitable status.  Some of the buildings and monuments in our care include Edinburgh Castle, Skara Brae, Fort George, and numerous smaller sites, which together draw over 5 million visitors each year. They also boast internationally significant collections that include over 5 million drawings, photographs, negatives, and manuscripts, along with 20 million aerial photographs of locations all over the globe. Currently, they invest about £14 million a year in national and local organisations, including building repairs, ancient monuments, archaeological work, the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme, and the voluntary sector. 
Historic Scotland - Coloured Cotton Group Shot 2
Historic Scotland - Natural Scotland Castle Trio

Natural Cotton

Historic Scotland has a selection of natural cotton bags that each reflect a specific historic Scottish site. Cotton bags usually have a one-colour print, whereas Edinburgh castle has a two-colour print. The bags measure 38x42cm and are made from 6oz cotton. As with many other companies, the historic Scotland foundation sells these bags to their customers, thus making a profit for themselves and promoting their brand at the same time.  

White cotton

There is a lot of diversity with Historic Scotland’s white cotton bags. Every bag is unique with multiple colours and designs. Each bag is to reflect a specific site that Historic Scotland looks after. Very similar to the natural cotton bags. each cotton bag measures 38x42cm and is also made from 6oz cotton. The white cotton bags are originally natural and are bleached to get the crystal white colour.

Historic Scotland - Dark Coloured Cotton Trio

coloured cotton

Each of Historic Scotland’s coloured cotton carrier bags is entirely covered in multiple colours and represents a specific area it oversees. The bags are extremely popular with visitors. These bags are bleached and then are dyed to the specific colours required by customer in this case that is multiple different designs corelating to the place they are actually going.  These bags measure the same as their other cotton carriers at 38x42cm.

overprint cotton

The bags for Historic Scotland are black cotton carrier bags with metallic gold ink. This gives the bags a refined, high-quality appearance. We do this particular style of bag for three of Historic Scotland historical sites. Those being Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and their own bag for their organisation. These bags are made from 6oz black cotton and measure 38x42cm. 

Historic Scotland - Overprint Black and White Bags
Historic Scotland - Jute Group Shot



Historic Scotland jute carrier bags come in a variety of different colours and designs that each represent a specific site that Historic Scotland looks after. These bags are all made in the same size that being 32+18x32cm.  This jute is sourced from an environmentally friendly source.  



Carrying this type of nylon carrier around is easy. In addition, it has a small pouch that makes it easy for the bag to fit snugly. The bag is relatively strong and can hold a considerable weight. The whole bag is black with a two-colour print. It is ideal for people who wish to create a bag for long-term use and make it easier to carry for them.

Historic Scotland - Edinburgh Castle Nylon Bag
Historic Scotland - Edinburgh Castle Hemp Bag


The hemp carriers are on of our newest additions to Historic Scotland’s line of packaging. Textiles made from hemp fibres come from the Cannabis sativa plant family, a very high-yielding crop. As one of the most versatile and durable natural fibers, hemp has historically been used for industrial purposes, such as rope and sails. This particular bag was designed for Edinburgh castle and has a built in pouch that enable the bag to put into someone’s pocket or bag with relative ease. 

Jute Bottle Bag

The old Dallas Dhu distillery is under the care of Historic Scotland. Between 1899 and 1983, it operated in Forres, Moray, Scotland, as a producer of single malt Scotch whisky. The bottle bag is made of environmentally safe jute and measures 10x10x36cm. Dallas Dhu sells alcohol bottles in their gift shop, so this bag will carry some of the bottles in it.   

Historic Scotland - Urquhart Castle Group Shot

Urquhart Castle



Stirling Castle


Historic Scotland - Stirling Castle Group Shot
Historic Scotland - Stirling Castle Group Shot

Edinburgh Castle


Iona Abbey


Historic Scotland - Iona Abbey Group Shot


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