A fantastic range of food needs fantastic packaging!
The Fantastic Farm Shop Balgove Larder

Balgove Larder

Balgove Larder is a farm shop, just outside St Andrews, in the beautiful Kingdom of Fife. Balgove was conceived as a source for fresh, Scottish fare and has grown into a destination for top notch locally grown, stalked, caught, handmade, and prepared food. We believe that Scotland has some of the best beef, game, seafood, and produce in the world. Balgove want to keep this incredible food close to home instead of shipping it abroad. At most, everything they grow and raise on the farm travels a few miles and ends up right here in the shop, ready for you to take home. We have been working closely with Balgove Larder since 2015 

farm shop packaging
Balgove Larder Opened Pizza Box

Pizza box


Balgove larder makes their own pizzas from scratch. A typical pizza box like this one is called an 0426, and this is one of the most common types you can find. With an n flute, it’s robust enough for sending to customers.  This pizza box measures 305x305mm.




Balgove uses their tags in order to differentiate the different types of items they carry.  The tat measures 47x95mm and is made from 95gsm brown kraft board. It is printed on one side with one colour.

Flat kraft paper bag



Balgove currently use two different sizes of paper carriers.  One size is 215×215 mm and the other one is 305x305mm. Balgove Larder’s design engulfs the entire design being printed corner to corner, both sides.

Paper tape handle carrier bag


Balgove Larder’s paper tape carrier measures 8.5x13x10cm and is printed on one colour on both sides.  This bag is used in Balgove Larder’s gift shop.

Balgove Larder - Paper Tape Carrier
Balgove Larder - Paper Twist Carrier Bag

Twisted string carrier bag

The robustness of the handles is one of the advantages of twisting string over paper tape. The paper twist carrier bags used by Balgove Larder are larger than the paper tape carriers, measuring  26+11x35cm. Our bags were made from 100gsm kraft brown paper in order to ensure that they would be as durable as possible. 

foodgrade sheets


At Balgove Larder, cheeses and meats are wrapped in wax paper. Sheets that we supply to Balgove Larder must be made in a food-grade factory. The sheets are printed one-sided in one colour. There are three different sizes of sheets used: 190×250, 380×250, and 380×500. 

Balgove Larder Wax Paper Sheets

Cotton Bags


The cotton bags made for Balgove Larder measure 38x42cm and weigh 6 oz. The bag is printed in one colour on both sides. If you wish to help the environment, you can purchase this bag as an optional purchase In their shop. Cotton bags will take some time to arrive since this is made in India, and is shipped over in a container with multiple different jobs.   

Jute Carriers


Balgove Larder’s jute carriers are a fine addition to their range.  The bags measure 45x20x35cm and 30x18x30. Jute bags are very durable, has a very low CO2 footprint, low water footprint, low ecological footprint and are biodegradable and 100% compostable.

Balgove Larder - Jute Sack

Jute Sacks

This jute sack is designed for carrying wood, The sack is secured at the top by the strings. It is printed on the one side with one ink colour. Balgove wanted something breathable without plastic and it had to be malleable around the wood. the jute used is a high quality with no laminate to help the wood breathe. 


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