Colourful printed gift wrapping paper with custojmer's own designs


Branded gift wrapping paper is a great way to enhance your business’ wrapping service and overall image. ESC Packaging offer a large range of paper choices and finishes to suit every budget and what’s more, it’s produced in Scotland within a matter of days! Our creative team will design your beautiful wrapping paper or you can supply your own design and we would be delighted to print it for you. We have options for supplying as flat sheets, folded into retail packs or even rolls.  Read on for more information…


Small order quantities are digitally printed with non toxic ink (toner) to keep costs as low as possible. The best prices for digitally printed paper are at a maximum sheet size of 320mm x 450mm.

We litho print warpping paper using vegetable based inks upto a sheet size 500mm x 700mm. Larger sheets are possible upon request.

Finally, some designs work well flexo printed, using water or solvent based inks, particularly larger volumes of 5000 upwards. designs.


Made to order to any size or shape you need.

The most common size is 500mm x 700mm and if you were to visit any UK card or gift shop, this is the size you would see most often.


The sheets can be tailored to suit your exact needs and include extras such as:


If digitally printing we can supply 1 sheet and sometimes we will run off a sample for you for free just so you can check you are happy with the paper stock and design.

For Litho printed wrapping paper sheets the minimum order is usually 250 sheets but 1000 is a sweet spot for pricing.

Flexo printed gift wrapping paper required a larger minimum order of 5000 sheets but at this volume offers a good price advantage.


Our standard lead time is 1-3 weeks and for larger orders over 5,000 around 4-6 weeks. Deadline orders on this product are always welcome. We can even print while you wait in some cases.


FSC accredited papers and printers. All inks used are non toxic and as most of our papers are printed litho press the inks are vegetable based. Providing no lamination or foiling are used, the paper is easy to recycle and is commonly reused and repurposed.


All prices are calculated individually based upon your requirements.
We don’t have a price list.
However, as an example of pricing please see the illustration below.

W500mm x L700mm x 120gsm uncoated white offset luxury gift wrapping paper printed full colour 1 side

This includes delivery to 1 mainland UK address, UK production and all your set up artwork and printing plate costs.

Please fill in the enquiry form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Longer deadlines will allow ESC to provide a reduced price whereas immediate deadlines will result in higher costs.