Flexi-loop polythene carrier bags really are the epitome of Bags for Life . These strong carrier bags are made in the UK from heavy duty recycled and recylable LDPE – Low Density Poly Ethylene which makes them a great choice. ESC loves supporting UK manufacturers where possible. 

With a vast array of 18 stock  film colours plus an option to 100% edge to edge pantone ink printing, we can achieve every colour under the sun. They are made to order with a huge range of available sizes and co-ordinating flexi loop handles, we will create a unique eyecatching Bag for Life to be proud of. 


Flexo printed with rubber printing plates for small order volumes or gravure engraved cylinders for larger orders.

We use water based pantone inks and can even offer CMYK printing which is mostly suited to larger order sizes due to the associated set up costs. 

With all flexographic printed products, each colour printed and side printed will require a  rubber plate to be made. Each plate carries a charge. This is why adding extra ink colours onto a flexographically printed bag costs extra up front. 

Unlike litho plates, we keep the flexo rubber plates for re-use so the upfront set up charge only applies to the first order. The plates keep well and can be used for many years to come. 

The screen ruling  for designs with tints and tonal elements is 55 LPI so shaded areas are best kept to a minimum as the dots can be quite visible to the naked eye and are not fine like digital or litho prints. 


The most popular size is 38cm wide x 45cm high plus 8cm bottom gusset but lots of sizes are possible.

Smallest possible size is : 25cm wide x 30cm high plus 8cm bottom gusset.

Largest possible UK size  is: 76cm wide x 60cm high plus 10cm bottom gusset 

We have a wider choice of sizes possible with our European partners. 


The bags can be tailored to suit your exact needs and include extras such as:


From 1000 bags, although 5000 bags is a super price point to start at.


Our standard lead time is 3-4 weeks and for larger orders over 10,000 we can also import from one of our established factories in Europe, offering great savings and more choice. This usually takes 6-8 weeks. 


We aim to include a minimum 30% recycled content in all our films, as standard, and we can supply up to 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) recycled LDPE too for those clients keen to make a positive impact on our planet.

The inks used are water based. 

UK made bags offer a low carbon footprint due to transportation savings. Imported bags arrive via truck or sea into our local port, Grangemouth, and we try to consolidate orders so they don’t travel alone. This
helps to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.


All prices are calculated individually based upon your requirements.
We don’t have a price list.
However, as an example of pricing please see the illustration below.

W38cm x H45cm + G8cm
250 gauge (62 micron) White recycled LDPE bags with coloured flexi loop handles
Printed 1 colour 2 sides 

This includes delivery to 1 mainland UK address and all your set up artwork and printing plate costs.

Note that as with all flexographically made products, there is a 10% tolerance allowed on the final quantity made and we always charge for the exact number produced. 

Please fill in the enquiry form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Longer deadlines will allow ESC to provide a reduced price whereas immediate deadlines will result in higher costs.