As a Scottish business, we are proud to be a member of Scottish Craft Butchers, and enjoy working with our fantastic butcher clients, some of whom we give a special mention to below. Read on to find out how our expertise, great customer service and wide range of products, make us the perfect packaging partner for your business. We love supporting our butcher clients, whether local or national, and hope to work with you soon!

Who We Are

We’ve been boxing longer than Mike Tyson and we were (w)rapping before Stormzy was born. ESC Packaging started 45 years ago from a spare bedroom. Now a fourth generation family business working with partners across the globe, we are experts in our field, and our values have never changed. Personal service, customer focused, and family centred, with a strong ethical and environmental ethos.

Whether you want off the shelf packaging or a full bespoke packaging range for your business…we offer a knock out service!

Our Packaging Partners

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker… What do they all have in common? As well as featuring in a 14th century rhyme, they are also all customers of ESC. From food producers to gift makers, we are in our fifth decade of creating packaging for them all.

We are proud to be the exclusive packaging provider for McCaskie’s, esteemed National Butcher Shop Winner 2023 – congratulations to McCaskie’s on their recent win!

We also have the pleasure of working with other industry leaders, such as S. Collins, James Chapman Butchers, and Hugh Black & Sons.

S. Collins & Son - Product Samples

Products We Provide


We work with suppliers across the UK, Europe and beyond to offer you a choice of perfect packaging products. Whether you are looking for fast delivery, low cost prices or ethically and environmentally friendly options – we can help you find them. Our mills are food grade certified and hold eco-credentials. We appreciate the importance of VALUE – providing a great product at a great price is our aim. Here are just some of the bespoke branded packaging products we can provide:

Bags for Life | Carrier Bags | Counter Bags   Paper Bags | Food Grade Sheets | Bag on a Roll Pie & Haggis Boxes | Mail Order Boxes   Christmas Hamper Solutions | Till Labels | Ready Meal Sleeves | Vacuum Pouches | Counter Tickets | Hygiene Disposables | and many more….

Getting organised for…dare we say it…Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Yes, we did say the C word, and yes, it is only July. But as you already know, now is the time to get all of your packaging sorted and ordered, so that it is ready to go for the inevitably busy winter festive period.

Why Us

If you are still in need of some persuasion as to why you should partner with ESC Packaging for your packaging needs, our client testimonials say it all, really:

“A one-stop shop for all our packaging solutions”

“The only company we use for packaging”

“ESC go above and beyond”

Getting in touch

Please email, or call us on 01383 418610 to chat about how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Carri (Managing Director), and the ESC Packaging team 😊