Hemp is a well known crop, gaining notoriety for its medicinal benefits!  But it is also a great crop for making material, giving a high yield while using very little energy and water. The material is a beige colour in its natural form and can’t be dyed but we can print edge to edge, covering the bag fully with artwork, changing the bag appearance as you can see from our photographs. 

The strength and durability of hemp is far greater than bamboo so it’s a fabulous alternative for those seeking a robust eco bag solution with top notch eco credentials. 


Digital full colour CMYK print or screen printing using pantone matching. The inks used are eco-friendly.
Our factory can print one or both faces of the bags and if there is a side gusset, we can print that too.


Popular sizes include 38cm wide x 42cm high but as they are made to order, any size is possible.


The bags can be tailored to suit your exact needs and include extras such as:


From 500 bags, although 1000 bags is a good price point to start at.


Our standard lead time is 12-14 weeks for the best prices although a fastrack service is possible for delivery within 4-6 weeks.


Hemp is a high yielding low energy natural plant to grow, using very little water and land space in comparison to other crops, such as cotton. It’s a super eco-friendly choice!  The material is soft yet robust and makes fabulous quality  carrier bags as an alternative to cotton. The factory is carefully audited to the highest standards. While the bags are imported we are careful to choose sea and train routes to our local port, Grangemouth, and we try to consolidate orders so they don’t travel alone. This helps to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.


All prices are calculated individually based upon your requirements.
We don’t have a price list.
However, as an example of pricing please see the illustration below.

W38cm x H42cm
8oz natural Hemp
Long Shoulder Length Cross stitched Loop Handles
Printed CMYK Digitally 2 sides

500 bags = £3.50 each + vat  (£1750+vat)
1000 bags = £3.00 each + vat (£3000+vat)

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Longer deadlines will allow ESC to provide a reduced price whereas immediate deadlines will result in higher costs.