Printed postcards, gift cards, gift vochers branded with customers designs


Card tags, Gift tags, Swing tags…Whatever you call them, ESC Packaging makes them! These tags can be digitally or litho printed and finished beautifully with a vast array of different stringing choices including satin or grosgrain ribbons, jute, cotton thread, ropes and elastic.  Or perhaps you just need the tag without any stringing, that’s something we can help with too.

Let’s get creative together!


Small order quantities are digitally printed with non toxic ink (toner) to keep costs as low as possible. Orders over 1000 tags are usually litho printed, which is a process that uses vegetable based inks.

We can also cold and hot foil designs.


Made to order to any size or shape you need.

The most common size is either a small rectangle tag 40mm x 60mm or a larger more standard size 53mm x 85mm which is about the size of a UK business card.


The tags can be tailored to suit your exact needs and include extras such as:


If digitally printing we can supply 1 tag!

For Litho printed tags the minimum order is usually between 1000 to 2000 tags, depending on the size.


Our standard lead time is 2-3 weeks and for larger orders over 10,000 we can also import from one of our established factories in Europe, offering great savings and more choice. This usually takes 6-8 weeks. 


FSC accredited board and printers and a whole host of environmental choices mean that these tags can be as eco-friendly as needed. Finishes such as lamination or foiling will lessen the eco-credentials somewhat due to the extra processing needed during recycling.

The inks used are vegetable based if litho printing. 


All prices are calculated individually based upon your requirements.
We don’t have a price list.
However, as an example of pricing please see the illustration below.

W40mm x L60mm rectangle tags, with 3mm drill hole, CMYK printed ohnto uncoated 400gsm card and finished with a stock cotton thread, knotted in a loop so the tag can pass through.

This includes delivery to 1 mainland UK address, UK production and all your set up artwork and printing plate costs.

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Longer deadlines will allow ESC to provide a reduced price whereas immediate deadlines will result in higher costs.