Carri Walker

How long have you been working at ESC for?

Since May 1995! I joined straight from Uni.

After leaving Glasgow University with a Primary Teaching degree (B.Ed Hons) I decided I’d rather work for my dad, stupidly thinking it would be an easier job… HAHAHA…Anyone who thinks working for a family business is easy is nuts, it’s very hard work!   

What is your favourite part of the job?

Creating innovative designs and products for clients. It’s so exciting to see how products turn out. I never get bored. I love trade shows, seeing customers and showing off the projects we have been doing that year. It’s great to meet up with existing clients and when they give me a cuddle and tell me how much the packaging I have created for them has positively impacted their business, I am genuinely touched. I love that part of my job.

What do you think makes ESC different from other packaging companies?

Our team get on and we really care about each other. We are real people with real lives and we’re definitely not robots. People always comment about the lovely atmosphere in our offices when they visit. 

We don’t take the easy route to a quick sale, everything we do is considered and if it’s not right for our client then we don’t do it just to make money. For us it’s not about the profit, we are all passionate about doing the best possible work for our clients. When things go wrong, as sometimes happens, we deal with it quickly & we don’t just bury our heads in the sand. We definitely are different to other packaging companies for all these reasons.

Can you share a fun fact about you?

Lots of facts, not sure if they are fun!

I can usually tell what song is on the radio within 2 seconds.

I am quite psychic and have predicted a lot of world events – this freaks out some of


I can’t sing without a gin and even then apparently, despite feeling I am channelling

Celine Dion, I sound like a cat in a washing machine…who cares, I think I sound great!

I love going to concerts – I usually have them booked up years in advance

and I have seen many bands, such as Keane, over 5 times!

I have an insane memory, I can remember client’s orders from 20 years ago!

I can’t make tea. I even hate my own tea!

I love dogs. I have a golden retriever called Ruri and a black lab called Brandy, they both come to work with me.

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