Heavy duty waxed paper sheets are a popular choice for wrapping products such as meats and cheeses. Our paper is 2 side waxed which creates a natural paraffin wax barrier on both sides of the sheet, giving extra protection. With beautiful branding, these waxed paper sheets will enhance your business image and provide your customers with a quality finished result that will prolong the life of the produce.


Flexo printed with rubber printing plates.

We mainly use water based pantone inks. 

With all flexographic printed products, each colour printed will require a  rubber plate to be made. Each plate carries a charge. This is why adding extra ink colours onto a flexographically printed product costs extra up front. 

Unlike litho plates, we keep the flexo rubber plates for re-use so the upfront set up charge only applies to the first order. The plates keep well and can be used for many years to come. 

The screen ruling  for designs with tints and tonal elements is 55 LPI so shaded areas are best kept to a minimum as the dots can be quite visible to the naked eye and are not fine like digital or litho prints. 


The most popular size is 10 inches wide x 15 inches tall or in metric 25cm x 37.5cm. However the sheets all start off 500mm x 750mm and can be cut down from there. The standard sheet sizes are : 18.5cm x 25cm | 25cm x 37.5cm | 37.5cm x 50cm


These sheets are lovely printed with one or two ink colours and can be trimmed to set sizes noted above. They are actually sold by weight, the MOQ is 300Kg and customers love to buy multiple sizes for different purposes cut from one order, this means a lower budget for you and if you run out of small sheets but have some larger sheets left, we can cut them down for you!


300Kg weight which equates to :

37.5cm x 50cm = 25,000 sheets

25cm x 37.5cm = 50,000 sheets


Our standard lead time is 8 weeks.


All of our factories use FSC sourced paper although some printers are not FSC accredited themselves.

Inks are water based. 

Almost always a UK production, so a low carbon footprint.


All prices are calculated individually based upon your requirements.
We don’t have a price list.
However, as an example of pricing please see the illustration below.

25cm x 37.5cm x 59gsm 2 side waxed white foodgrade paper sheets printed 1 colour

This includes delivery to 1 mainland UK address in around 8 weeks. These is a 1 off printing plate charge on your 1st order of £175+vat

Note that as with all flexographically made products, there is a 10% tolerance allowed on the final quantity made and we always charge for the exact number produced. 

Please fill in the enquiry form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Longer deadlines will allow ESC to provide a reduced price whereas immediate deadlines will result in higher costs.