We have acres of experience in working with farm shops and food and drink producers to provide the perfect packaging. Your product needs to look good on your shelves, tell your customers the story of your brand, list any ingredients or instructions and ensure that it keeps your product safe in transit. That’s where we come in!

Waxed or greaseproof paper printed with your logo.

Quality food and drink produce requires quality packaging. At ESC Packaging we supply custom printed food grade waxed paper, which is perfect for butcher, fish and deli counters to wrap fresh food. Available in a variety of sheet sizes, heavy grade for wet produce like raw meat or fish.

Our paper bags and boxes are ideal for loose fruit and vegetables and bakery items such as bread, cakes or pizza. Printed with vegetable or water based ink, and made with FSC certified eco-friendly card and paper.

Bags and boxes available in custom sizes, with your unique branding.

Your customers will no doubt need a larger bag to take away all of the wonderful produce they purchase from you, and we can supply paper bags with tape handles, or twisted string to carry even more. Once again, printed with water or veg based inks and fully biodegradable for the eco conscious consumer.

A wide range of paper bags are available.

If you have a range of gift items, we can work with you to create bespoke packaging to display them – from boxes to baubles to bags, with custom ribbons or stickers. We have worked with countless clients to develop the right packaging and we love a challenge!

From gift packaging to lunch bags and boxes, we can enhance or even be part of your product.

We also provide a full range of reusable bags from jute to cooler bags to cloth bags – perfect for your customers to use again and again on their many repeat visits to you.

Branded bags of all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Let us help you create a branded packaging theme across your whole range of products, that you – and your customers – will love!

Bring your brand to life with a full range of packaging.
Getting in touch
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Carri (Managing Director), and the ESC Packaging team